Validator 81849 (Lighthouse)

Rank 44.4 % 184506
34.89642 ETH 32.0 ETH
Status Active
Effectiveness 87% - Good
24(100% )
154395(99% )
16384(79% )
Day +0.00246 ETH
Week +0.01693 ETH
Month +0.11872 ETH
APR 3%
Eligible since genesis
Active since genesis
Epoch Slot Status Time Root Hash Att. Dep. Sl. Pro/Att Ex. Graffiti
Epoch Slot Status Time Incl. Slot Opt.Incl.Dist.
Period Epoch Slot Status

Ethereum Deposits

This table displays the deposits made to the Ethereum staking deposit contract.
From Address Tx Hash Block Time Withdrawal Cred. Amount Valid

Beaconchain Deposits

No beacon chain deposits found for this validator. It takes around 15 hours for a deposit to be processed by the beacon chain.
Validator History
Epoch Balance Change Att. & Prop.